New Paper Published in Frontiers in Neuroscience

I am happy to share that our latest paper has just been published in Frontiers in Neuroscience (Section on Brain Imaging Methods). If you’re interested in checking it out, please feel free to visit

New MSc Student: Welcome Kaihim!

We are very excited to welcome Kaihim Wong, who has just joined the lab as a MSc Student in the Medical Physics Graduate Program. For more details about Kaihim’s background and interests, please go to

The US Patent for our Automated 3D Centerline Extraction Method has been Granted! Congratulations Sohail!

It was an incredible amount of work (far more than any scientific paper I have published) and took almost 2 years since filing the provisional application, but Sohail’s United States Patent has now been issued:

Major thanks to Dr. Loren Oschipok at the University of Manitoba Technology Transfer Office for all of his assistance with this as well!

Congratulations to Sohail on the acceptance of his paper in the Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering

Congratulations to Sohail, whose recent submission to the The Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering has been accepted. The paper represents the first (and largest) half of Sohail’s MSc thesis work and is entitled “Development, Implementation and Validation of an Automatic Centerline Extraction Algorithm for Complex 3D Objects”. It is already available online ahead of print, and should be released soon as part of an upcoming special issue in the journal. Great job Sohail!