New MSc student (Kevin Solar) has joined the lab

There are several new faces up on the 7th floor in our Core NeuroImaging Lab, and I am pleased to announce that one of those belongs to a new Master’s student – Kevin Solar.

Kevin has entered through the Physiology & Pathophysiology Graduate Program, and will be co-supervised by Dr. Jennifer Kornelsen and myself.  To find out more about Kevin, please feel free to visit the People page.

Welcome Kevin!

The NeuroImaging Core Lab is finally complete.

After a year of planning and renovations, I am very pleased to announce that the NeuroImaging Core Lab is finally complete.  We are now ready to move everyone together in our beautiful new space (which I am also happy to announce has been equipped with a fancy new coffee maker)!

New Grad Students in Winnipeg

I am very glad to announce two very important new additions to the lab!

Sohail and Shatil have joined me as MSc students through the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program.  I am happy to report that they have arrived safely and seem to be settling well into their course-work, research projects and life in Winnipeg — although they have yet to experience their first Canadian winter 😉

If you are interested, please check out the People page for their bios.

HSC Foundation Operating Grant

Good News!!!  We just found out that our application for a 2014-2015 Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Foundation General Operating Grant was successful.  The project is entitled “Investigating the neural basis of cognitive decline in Multiple Sclerosis using high-field structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging”, and one of the major line items in the budget is to hire a full-time Research Associate…so stay tuned to the People page in the coming months – the Figley Lab will probably be growing!

Note: If you are interested in applying for the position, please check the Lab Opportunities page soon for a formal job description.

Figley Lab Website Launched!

It is 25 December 2013, and I have officially achieved my goal (set back in September) of launching the lab website before the new year.  I had a lot of help from Sara Johnson from JDesigns, who prepared all of the information architecture and WordPress stuff on the back-end, so thanks a million Sara for all your hard work.

Merry Christmas Everyone!