HSC Foundation Operating Grant

Good News!!!  We just found out that our application for a 2014-2015 Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Foundation General Operating Grant was successful.  The project is entitled “Investigating the neural basis of cognitive decline in Multiple Sclerosis using high-field structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging”, and one of the major line items in the budget is to hire a full-time Research Associate…so stay tuned to the People page in the coming months – the Figley Lab will probably be growing!

Note: If you are interested in applying for the position, please check the Lab Opportunities page soon for a formal job description.

Figley Lab Website Launched!

It is 25 December 2013, and I have officially achieved my goal (set back in September) of launching the lab website before the new year.  I had a lot of help from Sara Johnson from JDesigns, who prepared all of the information architecture and WordPress stuff on the back-end, so thanks a million Sara for all your hard work.

Merry Christmas Everyone!